AfterAll and director/photographer Jon Humphries went to Shenzhen, China this spring to capture content for a large scale campaign that Nike Skateboarding launched in June.  


The site has a number of chapters that got rolled out over the course of June.  The audience is treated to interviews with 6 featured skaters who take us back to where it all began for them.  The chapters also include lookbooks taken on location in China.  The final chapter showcases a broadcast commercial.  Almost all the footage is captured from the hero skaters POV via low profile body-mounts that we were able to fabricate here and take with us.  Commercials for legendary skateboarder Paul Rodriguez' Nike shoe began an onscreen journey around the world starting with his LA based Ice-Cube ode.  AfterAll went with him to NYC  with some help from Nas.  We then went to Barcelona  to shoot a spot for his 5th edition shoe, so it made sense to complete the journey in the skateboarding frontier of China for his 6th shoe.

Jon Humphries